Styling advice from head to toe: What fits me, what is modern?

In many cases it is rather by chances in life that the desire for styling advice comes up. Be it that you do not feel comfortable anymore, that a friend very directly tells you that it is really time for a change in your style or that a change in life occurs which makes a radical change concerning styling and fashion necessary: Today many free options are used in the internet to get a detailed advise and realize the change within the desired framework. It is always true that fashion is not only dictated by designers on runways but that people can identify with what they wear. The lady with a rather elegant style will never be satisfied a hundred per cent if she dresses up like it-girls – and also the serious and dignified outfit won´t be suitable for a woman who has been a rather sexy, colourful bird of paradise from the beginning. To underlie a job´s guidelines is one thing – but a complete change of type needs to match the own feelings and must not be forced.

Great role-models cannot always be imitated

Every human being is an individual and shall remain so. The great role-models from model casting shows, from the glamorous fashion industry and from the high gloss fashion magazines are only reachable for some few women, related to shape and look. Unfortunately it happens again and again that size zero models are imitated caused by a mistaken self- and fashion assessment. Girls and women quickly feel too big – just because they do not fit ladies´ size 32 that is presented to them. Thanks to some change in people´s views during the last years many designers try now not to focus on this thinness obsession and also create fashion for normal women with natural problem zones. It is the healthy way to a modern style to pick things that you like out of fashion shows and collections and simply ignore the rest. Fashion is an important topic in life, but it should not endanger daily action and, above all, each single person´s health. There are a few TV shows which very well show how to make the best of your appearance without getting addicted to manic hunger and getting sick.

The question of clothes: Which kind of fashion suits me best?

Before going to some styling advise – online or with the help of friends or other advisors, you need to ask yourself what it is that you want to achieve. A student who had a rather sporty look till now might need an optical change for her job and needs a sovereign, elegant appearance; as just one example for the many reasons why a change of type might get necessary. With regard to your own shape, colour of hair and other preconditions a new style can be discovered step by step – always observing if you can present yourself in the desired clothing contentedly. A woman who loves trousers will not suddenly love wearing skirts just because the elegant costume would be the best choice for the new job. To find alternatives with which you make a compromise is a appropriate way to reach an aim without feeling like in a “masquerade”. The best solution is to use a styling advise to go to boutiques and clothing stores, to try on certain alternatives and take a look at them in the mirror – it is not possible to realize a change of this extent within one hour in front of the computer. You should certainly involve patience, time and a second opinion with this project.

Hair styles, make-up and finger nails, accessories

As soon as the new clothing style is definite, you start to complete or perfect the new look. A haircut or a new hair style is also indicated in many cases. Here again it is possible to search the internet for new ideas. The latest trends are published in fashion blogs, in online ladies´ magazines and also by hairstylists with an own website year for year, season after season; beautifully photographed and such visualized for everybody who is searching for new ideas for their hair. Armed with printed photos or smartphones they go to a hairdresser they rely on; he or she discusses desires in comparison to possibilities with his or her customer – and the new look is already perfect. One should well consider extreme changes; expensive extensions, a radical short hair cut after many years with long hair: a gentle approach is more appropriate than feeling absolutely miserable!

A next step leads to make-up and finger nails. Those who went through their lives rather without make-up so far but now wish for or are in need of a perfect make-up will also be in need of some few make-up tips. But also women who have daily been using make-up so far, continually search for new ideas or instructions. The internet also helps in advance concerning these questions – before one might go to a beautician. There is no harm in having analysed which foundation and which make-up colour fits the own skin type and fashion style best – and how a simple every-day-make-up differs from an expressive evening make-up. Videos and reports in the web help to practice and try out – those who are uncertain ask a cosmetician for help to get to know the suitable equipment, fitting colours and tricks for a perfect make-up. Finger nails are a delicate topic: Long and colourful? Synthetic and equipped with an enchanting design? Or rather short and natural respectively unpainted? The answer to those questions is a matter of taste on the one hand, and on the other hand depending on the every-day life or the job. No matter how the decision is made – the web provides a comprehensive supply with all the equipment and instructions for a perfect nail design – or about the nail studio, which is able to fulfil all the wishes.

Now the accessories are still missing. Also concerning jewellery, handbags and comparable things fashion changes, there is “in” and “out”. A hip colourful designer handbag? Or rather a high-quality but dignified model? Those who get informed about the latest fashion in the internet, find sufficient information in blogs, photography and guidebooks, so that there is no need to suffer from stylistic inconsistency.

Do not forget: Some suitable shoes

The purchase is done, the new hairstyle is perfect, new jewellery and a handbag are ready for use. But a very important issue has not been brought up: Shoes. Back to our example: The mentioned student owns an extensive collection of sneakers in her shoe wardrobe, maybe a pair of high heels for dates and flats in abundance. But those shoes are not, or at most hardly compatible to her newly discovered elegant job outfit. That means going to a shoe shop or online shop for modern shoes. Under certain circumstances a search must not only include suitable models according to colour and style but must also take into account an eventually exhausting every-day life. Shoe collections are so full of versatility every season that elegant shoes with healthy fit can be found – for every age, every type of women and all occasions and opportunities.